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Need I say more? I am pretty sure you would always have been in a fit when deciding on the file-type while saving an image from the internet. If you save your image in a wrong format, you could end up blurring an otherwise gorgeous photo. Since disk space is cheap, it is generally not a problem when dealing with images on your PC. But when it comes to dealing with images online, choosing a correct file-format can save you lots of bandwidth and time. If you'd like to know the details of the common image file-types, refer to the infographic below.

Know Your File Types: When to Use JPEG, GIF, & PNG

Hope you liked the infographic. Also hoping that you now know what format to use when dealing with images.
Xiaomi launched Redmi Note at a jaw-dropping price of Rs. 8,999 for the 3G variant. Given the price and specifications, the device is a win-win. It features an IPS display, powered by 1.7 GHz Mediatek 6592 octa-core processor with a 2 GB RAM. It comes with a 5.5 inch screen. The internal storage is 8 GB. It runs on Android 4.2 with Xiaomi's skin, the MIUI. It also packs 3,100 mAh high-capacity lithium-polymer battery.

Xiaomi Redmi Note

I have already shared my first impressions of the device earlier. In this post, I am going to describe a step-by-step process to root as well as unroot the device.

Steps to root Xiaomi Redmi Note

1. Download

2. Copy this file to the internal storage of your device.

3. Open the Updater app from the Tools menu.

4. Press on the capacitive Menu key.

5. Tap on the Select update package menu item.

Select update package menu item

6. Browse to the file downloaded in the first step, and select it.

7. Click on the Update option, wait for the update to complete, and the device to boot automatically.

Update option

8. Next, launch the Security app.

Security app

9. Select Permission, and enable Root permission.

Enable Root permission

Hurray! Your Redmi Note is now rooted successfully.

Verifying whether rooting was successful or not

In order to verify the status of the operation, download Root checker app on your device. Launch it, and make sure to provide it root access when prompted on the screen. If the rooting is successful, you will see a message as below:

Root checker app

Steps to unroot Xiaomi Redmi Note

1. Download

2. Follow steps 2 to 7 above to install this file.

That's it! Your Redmi Note is unrooted successfully.

Source: MIUI India forum
User Experience (UX) technology is now an essential part of any application that aims to be successful in the market. Companies like Apple have mastered the ability to engage users and provide intuitive interfaces that are easily accessible. What this means is that any person can use a Apple laptop without having to do a lot of work to learn how the device works; they just find it intuitive and almost second nature. Mobile apps also need to meet the standards imposed by UX to be successful. People expect that a mobile app will be easy to use and intuitive, otherwise they will not waste their time in downloading the app, or paying for it. Following are the key points one must take care about, while making a mobile app.

Visual Design of the app

A mobile app must have an appealing visual design. The DoubleDutch event app is one example of an enterprise level app that features a great design. A user can easily scan the tabs to figure out which ones are most applicable. This app is aimed at promoting, engaging, organizing and gathering data from corporate and business event attendees. The app enables attendees to build a dialogue surrounding the event. Attendees can easily connect with one another on the app due to its visual design. The app also features a menu pane with tabs that describe the task that a user wants to complete.

Organization of the app

The organization of an app is also critical to its success. An app with poor organization is likely to be dismissed in the market. An app that features excellent organization makes it easy for users to get the ultimate UX experience with it. Viewers should feel that it is easy for them to "check-in" with an app that fosters social networking. They should also feel it is easy to view the schedule for a conference or an event.

Ability to "Flow"

An app should upload information in a quick manner. Viewers do not have time to wait for an app to upload data. If an app does take too long to provide information to viewers, then they are likely to become frustrated and delete the app. Developers need to provide a seamless experience to users. Many corporate level apps should also feature a great Content Management System that enables companies to make instant updates to the content on the app. Using the mobile event app example, if an event time changes, the organizers should be able to update the content management system to quickly alert the app's users of the changes in real time. They do not have to worry about pushing a series of buttons to figure out real-time updates.

Fostering connections

Fostering connections

A truly great mobile app will seek to foster connections amongst social groups. An app developer should realize that social networking helps build sponsorships and interest around the companies using the app. Many companies are capitalizing on social networking as a means for building their clients more revenue. As users continue to discuss the app on social networks, that brand tends to become more popular. Other people find out about the app and will definitely want to give it a try.

All these factors contribute to provide a cutting-edge UX. As mobile users continue to become savvier, they continue to expect more from app developers in terms of UX – in order to succeed, you have to constantly be ahead of the curve!
Every year, proud parents across the country wave off their sons and daughters to a new life on a university campus. As well as packing books and clothes and a term's supply of baked beans, the list of essential items for students often includes a new laptop computer.
Facebook EdgeRank
If you are reading this, it is sure that you are a social media enthusiast. And if you really are a social media buff, you would be accessing Facebook more than any other site. Have you ever wondered how a story appears in your News Feed on your Facebook Wall? I mean, hundreds and thousands of people and brands post a story, but how does these stories rank and appear in a user's News Feed? The answer to your curiousness is Facebook EdgeRank. According to Wikipedia, it is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what articles should be displayed in a user's News Feed.
As you all know, PowerPoint is the name of the presentation program developed by Microsoft. At its initial release, it was called "Presenter", developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin. It was officially launched in May 1990 as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite.
social media marketingWhen it comes to the difference between local social marketing and international social media marketing campaigns, the most glaring one is that the latter is all about involving people at a wider scope. International marketing campaigns involve a number of countries from all around the world, since the brands promoted are global in nature. When it comes to local social media marketing, the companies that engaged in them are targeted while coverage is limited to a particular city, state, or country.
online shopping
Promoting your product in the digital landscape is crucial to the success of your online retail business. E-Commerce is a highly successful industry, and with this prosperity comes a swarm of others seeking to grab a portion of the profits. Much like a traditional, physical business finding a way to differentiate your organization is necessary to gain an advantage over your competitors. A great product can be virtually impossible to see if the consumer is unaware of its existence.
The first tip is probably the best and the worst tip. Like most articles, this article is going to suggest that you post your best photographic, artistic and graphic work on Instagram. It is a great advice because it is the fastest and most productive way of getting eye-watering amount of traffic. If you post your best work exclusively, only your ten out of ten works, you will gain a larger and bigger following. You will get more clicks and more people will talk about you on other social media. That is the good part. The bad part is the fact that when you put your best work on social media, you are giving away any opportunity to make any money from it.

Easily post ads online
Whenever a person needs to sell anything, the first thing that he needs to do is find potential buyers for his products/services. In order to reach out to maximum number of buyers, he definitely needs to advertise about the things available for sale. At present times there are a number of platforms where one can post ads Delhi for selling anything. But to gain the maximum benefits, one needs to choose a platform very wisely, after considering several important factors.
Designing effective infographics
The recipe for appealing infographics isn't as simple as throwing together a pretty picture with interesting statistics, or everyone would be able to release them. Both unfortunately and fortunately, it is a difficult enough process that most companies and brands simply don't bother with them. Savvy designers and clients can still work together to attract far more attention than a conventional marketing image might garner.
Home theater system
Quality home theater systems entered the consumer marketplace in the 1980s and quickly became a consumer obsession. Now, people are able to set up a professional home theater system within their living rooms, bedrooms and dens. No longer do they have to rely on a movie theater to experience the best audio from their movies. They can configure their system to outperform the theater. With the prevalence of streaming movies, it is now more important than ever to get the most out of your entertainment system. Learning how to configure your home theater system is necessary to get the most out of it.
How to
Microsoft has followed a different tactic with the Windows 8 OS. Not only did Microsoft designed the OS from scratch, but they have also implemented a Windows store, which helps you to manage and update applications from a single interface. Consider this as an app store similar to that of an iOS or Google play store. It works in very much similar fashion, but is applicable to desktop and tablet applications only. There is also a huge concern over how to download applications and update them from the Windows store. People are also concerned about paying multiple times for any paid application. Well, Microsoft has already thought about such problems and have facilitated a simple way to sync paid Windows apps to other Windows 8 devices.
Alike the basic necessities of life, i.e., food, clothing and shelter, data is also a necessity in the present time. Be it an individual or a well established business firm, there is lots-and-lots of data to be stored for future use. But, only storing that information in huge databases is not enough! With so many unethical hackers out there, it is equally important to secure that data, and prevent it from falling in wrong hands. Use of a good VPN service is also recommended. Here, I discuss three useful tips to keep your valuable data safe.

Security of your data is of utmost importance


Firewalls are necessary for network protection, as they control both incoming and outgoing internet traffic. There are firewalls for protecting single machines and for protecting the entire network. Obviously, corporate entities should deploy firewalls for their entire networks if they are to secure their data. This will protect their data from being corrupted or stolen by different types of malware such as worms. Apart from locking out unauthorized entries, firewalls can also be used to keep logs of attempted logins.

Some firms go a step further and setup their firewalls to raise alarms on detection of suspicious activities. Firewalls are available in different brands, and most of them are fairly useful in data protection. They are available both in hardware and software versions, and both can be customized to fit particular situations. For maximum protection, both of these versions of firewalls should be used.

Strong passwords

Using a strong password is the first step in securing important business data, and it is not that difficult to do. While the use of password protection is widespread, many firms do not take the necessary steps to choose the strongest ones possible. As a result, these passwords do not offer the data protection they should. One of the best ways of coming up with a strong password is to use a combination of symbols, numbers, upper-case as well as lower-case letters. In addition, a password should not be less than 8 characters long. A password should also be changed regularly, for example, every three months.

Things to avoid include words spelled backwards, personal data (for example, wife's birthday) and sequence of characters close together on the QWERTY keyboard. These are some of the things hackers try first when trying to break into secured systems. It is also good to assign each user a username and a password in shared systems. Finally, the practice of writing down password for easy recall should be totally avoided as it is very easy to have it fall into the wrong hands.

Regular Updates

System programs should be updated regularly and security patches installed. Almost all programs have updates, and in most cases these updates incorporate increased protections. After the release of a program, a security loophole may be noticed. Software vendors deal with these potential security problems differently. Some may release program updates while others prefer to release patches. It makes does not make any sense to have great software that are not updated as they are likely to cause security problems on companies' data. In fact, many IT security experts assert that an organization's databases are only secure as the organizations latest updates.

This is not to say that a software update provides one hundred percent protection; but it greatly increases the chances of malware or hackers tampering with a database. There are major system updates, minor updates as well as application updates. Before any update is carried out, an evaluation should be carried out to determine which form of update is necessary. Any necessary backups should also be done to minimize the risks of data loss during the update.
Today, touchscreens have become the most vital part of one's life. Whether it be your mobile phone, digital camera, home appliance, or any other electronic device, if it doesn't have a touchscreen display, it is termed outdated. Technology has reached on such a level that nothing in this world is impossible.

how touchscreen works

Have you ever wondered what exactly a touchscreen display is made up of? How many types are available? How do they exactly function? How durable and useful they are? Find answers to all your queries in the infographic below.

How does a  touchscreen phone work

Do you have anything else to add to it? Use the comment box as you feel like!
Mobile internet
As technology advances, so too do the ways in which we can access the internet. It seems an age since that clunky dial tone as the computer connected to dial up internet, isn't it? Many of our computers and laptops aren't even connected physically to the internet anymore; instead taking advantage of the wonders of wireless. Similarly, mobile devices are now able to connect to the net no matter where we are or what we’re doing - whether via a wireless connection, mobile internet provider, or 3G. We can also do more and more things on our mobile devices, including making payments, accessing bank accounts, and even playing online poker.
Facebook: Unusual Marketing Resources
Facebook seems to be the place where everyone is headed to at this point of time, and the trend doesn't seem to show signs of slowing down in the coming years. The number of users on this social networking site is more than the population of many countries. So, the question of the day is, "Are YOU using Facebook to your advantage"? Are you using it to drive in some profit towards your business or are you just happy with your minimal presence? In case you are not using this huge potential customer group for your service or product, then you are losing a lot.