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Over the past couple of years, we have seen a lot of Chinese companies entering the Indian smartphone market. This has, without a doubt, led to a healthy competition in the segment, which in turn has brought down the prices. However, the other side of this competitive coin is the degraded quality of after-sales support. Now, another manufacturer has decided to gain a share of the growing market. Although, this time, it is a London-based brand.

STK to launch more than ten smartphones in India by year end

In case you are not aware, STK is already known in the country for its smartphone accessories. They are planning to come up with devices featuring an exceptional design and build. They also plan to support their devices with a unique software, which according to us will be no more unique than a custom skin on top of Android.

Their mission is to 'redefine luxury' at an affordable price. This hints that they are targeting at the entry-level segment. By the end of the calendar year, more than ten different models are expected to be launched at a price range of ₹2,999 ($45 approx.) to ₹9,999 ($150 approx.). One of them is to be named Hero X and is expected to be a flagship device with reasonable pricing.

Apart from that, they are also planning to launch their services ecosystem which aims at providing a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, they also plan to set up manufacturing plants and R&D centers in India, but that is the long-term goal.