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Pearson has launched a program that is aimed to bring a change the way educational institutions are running today. This integrated learning program is called MyPedia. The idea is to improve the overall skills of the learner and create a meaningful learning experience at the same time.

Mr. Ujjwal Singh launching the MyPedia app

MyPedia is an academic partnership program. Objectives are set, which are then tracked over the period of a complete learning cycle which involves teachers, parents, and of course, the students. It comprises of teaching plans which are an amalgamation of the workbook, course book, videos, and assessments. The package comes with a smartphone app that makes sure the learning continues at home as well. Students can access the learning material and videos from anywhere using the smartphone. Parents can access assessment reports and easily monitor the progress of their child. What's best, MyPedia covers a list of subjects, making sure the knowledge and experience are not limited to any particular field.

Mr. Ujjwal Singh, Vice President, Product – K12, Pearson India said,
“Today’s learners are growing up in an increasingly complex world. Developing critical thinking skills through programs such as MyPedia will equip them to deal with the challenges they confront in a dynamic digital and information age. Such a program is imperative not only for students but also for teachers.  Through MyPedia, schools and parents can be assured of measurable improvement in thinking skills of the learner.”

This is the age when technology is being used in every other field. Now it meets education as well. MyPedia combines the best of both worlds. It follows a learning process that includes inception, ideation, inculcation, inscription, and inquisition.

What one must now wait to see if and how successful this is going to be. It sounds promising, but are we ready for such a drastic change as far as our child's future is concerned? Turns out there are quite a few us who are willing to take the leap, and get their kids enrolled in a school that uses this program. After all, change is the only constant.