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Nvidia Titan V, the latest offering from the American technology company, is the world's most powerful GPU ever created for Personal Computers. The product targets researchers and scientists. It was announced at the annual NIPS conference by founder and CEO, Jensen Huang.

Nvidia Titan V

There are 21.1 billion transistors used. New Tensor Cores deliver 110 teraflops and are designed for deep learning and scientific computations and simulations.

The Nvidia Titan V promises to turn a PC into an Artificial Intelligence powered supercomputer. The new GPU has nine times the raw horsepower of its predecessor. It is built on their proprietary Volta GPU architecture.

The new GPU is twice as energy efficient as that of the precious generation Pascal design, which is due to a significant redesign of the multiprocessor at the center of the Graphics Processing Unit. There is also a boost in performance within the same power usage as that of its predecessor.

Nvidia Titan V is priced at $2,999.

Watch the introductory video below:

Nvidia has unveiled their intelligent video analytics platform, the Nvidia Metropolis. It brings them a step closer to the envisioned Artificial Intelligence enabled smart cities of the future. The platform is a combination of various Nvidia products operating on a unified architecture.

Nvidia Metropolis is the next step towards smart cities of the future

The idea is to apply deep learning techniques to the real-time video streams generated by the cameras, and then use that information in the areas of public safety, resource optimization, and traffic management, to name a few.

The current state is such that most of the raw video is just stored on disks, and not processed instantly as it involves a massive workforce expenditure. The quick analysis methods will be able to process all that data on a large scale and with higher accuracy.

Nvidia Metropolis is a combination of various Nvidia products operating on a unified architecture

Nvidia is hoping there will be around a billion cameras in the public domain (commercial buildings, government property, public transit, and roadways) by the year 2020, thus giving their platform enough raw data to process and improve its behavior.

Nvidia has partnered up with various companies (Avigilon, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, Hikvision, Milestone, and more) to build products and applications around the Metropolis platform. Few such ideas will be on display at the GPU Technology Conference happening this week.