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We are back, yet again, with our monthly series of the best Android games. Following five (in no particular order) are the ones we played and liked this month. Make sure not to miss any.

Best free Android games of May 2017

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is an action game that has nothing to do with the feline creatures. Rather, it lets one build a perfect battle bot which shall be used in fighting against other players, both one-on-one as well as world tournaments. It is not about the action per se since the fights are automatic and the winner is decided based on how capable the machine is. That said, one can still watch the battle action to see how their bots perform.

Daily Solitaire: Poker Saga

Daily Solitaire: Poker Saga is a card game produced as a result of fusing Solitare and Poker. It is a single player Poker game. One needs to select as many cards from the five presented during any turn. The chosen ones are then replaced with new cards. The result will then either be a valid poker combination or not. If it is, you get points. Simple as that. Each level ahs an objective to complete regarding types of combinations to make.

Fun Run 2 - Multiplayer Race

Fun Run 2 - Multiplayer Race is a multiplayer racing game wherein the player's avatar (an animal) races with others. There are various race tracks, each having unique obstacles and difficulty levels.

Really Bad Chess

Really Bad Chess is a modified version of the famous board game. The player plays against the bot in each level, but the pieces on either side are totally random. In the beginning, one usually starts with three or more queens, while the bot may not have even one of those. In future levels, the game becomes hard since the random pieces start favoring the AI. It is not that bad, really.

Wizard of Oz: Magic Match

Wizard of Oz: Magic Match is a matching puzzle game from the house of Zynga. It is similar to Candy Crush. The first few levels serve as a tutorial. Each new level tries to introduce a new kind of move, but if one attempts to make a move before being taught, it is not restricted! Also, up to level 4, the target is to achieve a particular score, but the game runs for the number of allotted moves irrespective of whether the target was achieved or not. This sounds like a bug, though I am not sure if that was intentional.

Did you come across any other exciting game? Let us know in the comments below.
Google I/O keynote for the year 2017 is underway, and the first new product coming out of their stable is Google Lens.

Google Lens

As the name suggests, the technology makes use of the device's camera. It is a combination of artificial intelligence, image recognition, machine learning, and the existing Google platform, coming together to understand the surroundings. One can just launch Lens, point the phone's camera at an object, and it will automatically provide more information about the same in real-time.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai presented a few use cases to explain the usage of Google Lens: find the type and background information about an unknown flower; locate a business, find its working hours, and read reviews just by pointing the Lens at a brick-and-mortar storefront; or automatically connect to a WiFi network by pointing the Lens to its credentials.

Google Lens will be incorporated with Google Photos and Google Assistant. In combination with the Assistant, the Lens can perform a variety of tasks including adding events to the calendar, buying tickets for the same, or translating stuff across languages.

Standalone Daydream VR headsets and updates to Google Home are also announced. Stay tuned for more announcements from the Google I/O event.
We are back, yet again, with our monthly series of the best Android games. Following six (in no particular order) are the ones we played and liked this month. Make sure not to miss any.

Best free Android games of February 2017

Chef Rescue - Management Game

Chef Rescue - Management Game is an addictive casual management game. The idea is to help out chefs from various restaurants by cooking and serving their customers. Make sure to take cooked stuff away from the hot plates and ovens before it is burnt. Serve the customers as fast as possible and make sure they are satisfied with the service to receive a gracious tip in return.

Rival Stars Basketball

RTival Stars Basketball is a card game mostly, but there is some real action on the court a few times during every match. The ultimate idea is to create, upgrade and maintain the team to win more games and ultimately increase the salary. It is a management-cum-player game.

Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter

Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter is a fun-to-play shooter game. The player controls a sniper and completes missions to earn virtual currency. That money can then be spent to upgrade the gun or buy new ones.

Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is an arcade racing game. Drive to earn money which can then be spent on upgrading and buying cars. It is easy to control. The various game modes and number of vehicles doubles the fun.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play

Wheel of Fortune Free Play is an educational quiz word game. As you might have guessed, it is based on the famous TV show of the same name. Ever wanted to play that game as a contestant but never got lucky? Here is your chance.

Zombie Squad

Zombie Squad is a zombie racing game. The idea is to complete missions by shooting or running over the zombies that get in the way. Cars and the mounted gun can be upgraded and purchased from coins earned by killing zombies and covering the maximum possible distance.
Super Mario Run, the newest game from Nintendo to make headlines, is all set to launch on the Android platform in March. The company made the announcement by tweeting from their Japanese Twitter account.

Super Mario Run

This is in line with the deadline of early 2017 that was promised for an Android release at the time of the launch. It is to be noted that the game was launched in December last year for iOS devices.
One can now pre-register on the Google Play Store to get notified as and when the app is released.

Although Pokemon Go was based on Nintendo characters, it was developed by Niantic (and not Nintendo itself). Super Mario Run is thus, the first game developed by Nintendo for their hardware. As far as the game is concerned, it is portrayed as a new kind of Mario game that can be played with just one hand.

Watch the official gameplay video below:

As the competition among smartphone manufacturers is saturating at the hardware level, the focus is slowly shifting to apps. Many apps make user's eyes pop out. Some of them increase productivity, while a few others aim to simplify our daily needs. One such app is Xploree Smart Keyboard.

While we can talk at length about the overall features of the app the internet is flooded with; there are a few key features that make it a must-have keyboard app for our device.

While most such apps allow predict and swipe typing, Xploree goes a step ahead. The app allows one to shop while you type. It is a clear example of the mobile marketing mix. As one types in his message, it understands his immediate preferences and offers him related coupons or deals, thus making the overall shopping experience lovable. For instance, while messaging, if one types “Feeling hungry? Up for a pizza?”, the app will immediately scan its partner databases and show the best offers from pizza joints nearby. One can then click and visit a website to grab the coupon without breaking the messaging session.

Xploree Smart Keyboard app acts as you type

This experience is not limited only to hyperlocal market, however. Its language intelligence feature is capable of decoding anything that gets keyed-in and shows the most suitable offers, coupons, content or other related information.

Like many other keyboard apps, Xploree has not confined itself to the English language. According to their research, 75% of consumers in non-English speaking countries prefer to buy products in their mother tongue. Thus, the app offers 119 languages and allows mobile users to set their language preferences and the app’s engine enables them to shop in their preferred language. This creates a huge opportunity for brands to associate with such apps. Not only can users have productive and connected shopping experience, but brands could also leverage the untapped market and rope in prospective shoppers who have otherwise refrained from online shopping or opting online coupons due to the language barrier.

Taking a cue from "Work Smart, Not Hard," the team behind the app has developed it in such a way that it allows users to do much more than complimenting their messages with emoticons. Be it gifting a watch or going for a romantic dinner, Xploree helps the users to find the best place almost immediately.

Watch it in action:

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
We are back, yet again, with our monthly series of the best Android games. Following five (in no particular order) are the ones we played and liked this month. Make sure not to miss any.

Best free Android games of August 2016

Flip Diving

Flip Diving is a cliff diving game for your Android device. The player gets to perform a series of flips, ranging from frontflips and backflips to gainers and pikes. The stunts can be carried out from cliffs, trees, and castles. The player's avatar can be changed to a business person, bodybuilder, karate diver, and others. Get ready to dive.

Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online is the best multiplayer shooting game you can play on your Droid right now. The graphics are appealing. Three combat modes, seven arenas and twenty-five different kind of weapons make the deal sweeter. Get ready to give your next headshot.

Taxi Sim 2016

As the name suggests, Taxi Sim 2016 is a simulator game for taxis. The player gets to drive around a city taxi in various cities across the world. Pick up and drop passengers at their respective locations, and earn virtual money for the same. Make sure not to commit any offense if you want to maximize your earnings.

Zombie Age 3

Zombie Age 3 is an intriguing zombie-killing game. More than thirty different kinds of weapons are available to help the player survive. Get ready for the mission to kill them or get outnumbered.

Zootopia Crime Files

Zootopia Crime Files is the latest puzzle game offering from Disney. As rightly guessed by you, it is based on Zootopia the movie. The player controls the famous ZPD officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to solve crimes and restore order in the city. Get ready for the challenge.
Are you a fan of playing games on your Android device? If yes, there's good news. We are back, yet again, with our monthly series of the best Android games. Read the last month's list here. Following six (in no particular order) are the ones we played and liked this month. Make sure not to miss any.

Best free Android games of June 2016

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2, as the name suggests, is a car racing game. However, the only thing one gets to control is the nitrous boost and the gear shifts. Yes, it is a drag racing game. So if you love being behind the wheel without having to control it or worry about directions, this is made for you. For those who are not aware, the initials stand for Custom Street Racer. The graphics are impressive. We love the way the developers have paid attention to minute details. Moreover, you can go social, and even play with real human opponents across the world. Happy dragging.

Farm Heroes Super Saga

Farm Heroes Super Saga is yet another match-and-make puzzle game from King, creator of the famous (or rather infamous) Candy Crush. It is a sequel to Farm Heroes Saga. In this new game, farm animals are given with the task to grow different crops to beat the cheating raccoon at the Country Show by producing a better crop. The animation is not that intriguing but is enough to keep the player involved.

PKTBALL - Endless Smash Sport

PKTBALL - Endless Smash Sport is the refined version of ice hockey for Android. It is a fun game, and aims to test the reflexes. One needs to collect different players. Each one of them has got their different-styled court along with a unique soundtrack.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is the newest game from the stables of publisher Yodo1, who also published Crossy Roads, the game which cut to our list of the best Android games of 2015. The idea of the game is simple yet engaging. One needs to build, maintain and expand a zoo, for which animals are needed right? The player has to tame animals by riding on their back for a predefined time. The zoo can be opened for public in exchange for game currency, which can be used to make stables and barns. Take it from us; you got to play this one.

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is an action-packed shooting game. However, the shooting needs to be done from a spaceship. One needs to fly around killing enemies, dodging their bullets, and saving trapped humans at the same time. The graphics are above average and do justice to the game surroundings. It is a real time-killer.

Transformers: Earth Wars

Transformers: Earth Wars is a strategy game. The mission is to save the planet Earth from bad robots. But that will depend on the choice one makes at the beginning. If you want to dominate the world, you can as well choose to be the bad guy.

Is there any other game that you think must have made to this list? Let us know in the comments below. We are always hungry to play more!
Are you a fan of playing games on your Android device? If yes, there's good news. We are back, yet again, with our monthly series of the best Android games. Read the last month's list here. Following five (in no particular order) are the ones we played and liked this month. Make sure not to miss any.

Best free Android games of May 2016

Battleborn Tap

Battleborn Tap is a game in which one can command their team of heroes in the battle against the enemy. Beating more enemies helps in earning more gold, which can then be used to hire more fighters and upgrade their skills and weapons. There are many areas to unlock, and many more enemy bosses to kill. So start tapping.

Bushido Bear

From the house of the famous Alphabear comes Bushido Bear, a game packed with action. The player acts like a bear, who in turn is the protector of the forest. The idea is to defend the woods from the demons. Two ninja swords must be used to achieve the same. Character updates and upgrades are available throughout the game.

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is the sequel to Hunger Shark Evolution. If you have played the prequel, you already know how addictive this can be. If not, you are about to find out. The player acts as a shark and tries to eat anything that comes its way. The purpose is to survive the longest in the aquatic adventure.

Taichi Panda: Heroes

Taichi Panda: Heroes is an exciting online role-playing game. One needs to collect and maintain their army of heroes. Then make them fight their enemies, find treasures, and explore new areas. There is much stuff to do in this game, so start exploring.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is a game full of puzzles. Each puzzle is set in a chamber. The idea is to solve it and gain treasures in the process, or die trying! Are you up for some adventure?

Is there any other game that you think must have made to this list? Let us know in the comments below. We are always hungry to play more!
Pearson has launched a program that is aimed to bring a change the way educational institutions are running today. This integrated learning program is called MyPedia. The idea is to improve the overall skills of the learner and create a meaningful learning experience at the same time.

Mr. Ujjwal Singh launching the MyPedia app

MyPedia is an academic partnership program. Objectives are set, which are then tracked over the period of a complete learning cycle which involves teachers, parents, and of course, the students. It comprises of teaching plans which are an amalgamation of the workbook, course book, videos, and assessments. The package comes with a smartphone app that makes sure the learning continues at home as well. Students can access the learning material and videos from anywhere using the smartphone. Parents can access assessment reports and easily monitor the progress of their child. What's best, MyPedia covers a list of subjects, making sure the knowledge and experience are not limited to any particular field.

Mr. Ujjwal Singh, Vice President, Product – K12, Pearson India said,
“Today’s learners are growing up in an increasingly complex world. Developing critical thinking skills through programs such as MyPedia will equip them to deal with the challenges they confront in a dynamic digital and information age. Such a program is imperative not only for students but also for teachers.  Through MyPedia, schools and parents can be assured of measurable improvement in thinking skills of the learner.”

This is the age when technology is being used in every other field. Now it meets education as well. MyPedia combines the best of both worlds. It follows a learning process that includes inception, ideation, inculcation, inscription, and inquisition.

What one must now wait to see if and how successful this is going to be. It sounds promising, but are we ready for such a drastic change as far as our child's future is concerned? Turns out there are quite a few us who are willing to take the leap, and get their kids enrolled in a school that uses this program. After all, change is the only constant.
Do you play games on your Android device? If yes, there's good news. We are back with our monthly series of the best Android games. Following five (in no particular order) are the ones we played and liked this month. Make sure not to miss any.

Best Android games of April 2016

Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action is the latest game in the series. It is based on the movie (releasing next month), which was itself inspired by a game of the same name! Gamoviception is it? The idea of the game is to aim and shoot the birds so that they can save some eggs. The birds in the game are the characters in the movie. To unlock special content, BirdCodes need to be scanned. The scanner tries to open the camera app on the smartphone. We denied the permission to do so, and bam, the game crashed! The game is interesting, but maybe the good people at Rovio do not understand the concept of rigorous testing!

Disney Crossy Road

Remember Crossy Road? It was featured in our list of the best Android games of 2015. Now, Disney has given it a cartoonish appeal. Disney Crossy Road is the same fun, but with characters from the Disney and Pixar world. Play, and help your favorite characters cross the road.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

If you are a fan of Marvel comics, TV series and movies, go and play Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 right away. It is a sequel to the game of the same name. The idea is to make your team comprising of your favorite Marvel superheroes and then fight against the various super villains of the Marvel world. The game downloads a lot of stuff during launch. It crashed once for us when almost half the utilities were downloaded. On the second try, to our surprise, it started the download from the beginning! It installed successfully, but they should consider making a backup of the downloaded data.

Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Adventures is the digital adaptation of the card RPG (role-playing game) of the same name. The idea is to fight the devils and villains with the help of weapons, allies, charms and other powers that can be collected during the game.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade is a fun and engaging action game. The idea is to control a Warhammer Freeblade to protect your house from the enemy forces. The graphical details are good. Overall, it is a nice way to kill time.

Is there any other game that you think must have made to this list? Let us know in the comments below. We are always hungry to play more!
Do you play games on your Android smartphone? Of course, you do! We do, too. A lot of games were released during the year 2015. We have compiled a list (in no particular order) of games which attract us. Play and tell if you agree with us.

Best Android games of 2015


Alphabear is a word puzzle game. It is a modified version of the board game Scrabble. A grid is filled with random letters. Players are expected to make words using those letters. Successful word completion results in bears on the grid itself, which grow in size if letters on its edge are used to make more words. Earn bears, unlock achievements and make your way up in the bear kingdom. May the dictionary be with you!

Angry Birds 2

This is a sequel to the famous Rovio game. Angry Birds 2 takes the pig-and-bird fight to a whole new level. It features stunning graphics, challenging levels, and a lot of destruction. Are you up for the challenge?

Crossy Road

You start with a duck, one jump at a time, and try to cross the road(s). Complete levels to customize your avatar and unlock new ones. Crossy Road will definitely keep you immersed in to the game. Play before you make any opinion about it.

Does not Commute

It is a driving game based on strategy. The idea is to drive through the town, taking subjects from source to their destination. Does not Commute begins as an easy game, but it becomes harder as you play. Go figure. And remember, the clock's ticking!

Score! Hero

Ever wanted to play for the famous EPL clubs, or for your country, but you're too lazy to do physical work? Score! Hero has got you covered. Pass the ball, shoot goals, and move up the ladder. Fame is patiently waiting for you. If you are a soccer fan, you need to play this game now.

Have you played any of these games? Is there any other game which deserves to be in the list? Tell us and help it grow.
Xiaomi today announced the global stable build of MIUI 7 for fans all around the world. It will be rolled out for several Xiaomi devices outside of China, viz. the Mi 3, Mi 4 (review), Mi PadRedmi 1S 3G, Redmi Note 4G (review), and Redmi 2 Prime. Mi 4i will get the it in the upcoming weeks. Note that this version of the OS was first unveiled on August 19 earlier this year.

Mi store in Beijing

It includes several new features designed for India. The data saver feature is still in Beta phase, and is expected to be rolled out soon. Other new and not-to-be-missed features are listed below.

System UI

The OEM has incorporated themes more closely into MIUI 7, with four new interfaces now available when you power up your smartphone:

1. Luxurious pink UI (Rose)
2. Playful pastel pink UI (Pink Blush)
3. Soft blue UI (Ocean Breeze)
4. Brown-gold UI (High Life)

Daily lock screen

The lock screen image changes every day. It is automatically chosen from a collection of high-quality photographs.

Baby album

The software makes use of face recognition technology to automatically identify babies and group their photos together, so parents can go back in time to relive every stage of their children's lives captured in images. These photos can even be set as a slideshow on the lock screen.


Calls are made more fun with this playful feature that is coming to India first. Instead of just a name and number, or a static profile image, MIUI account users can set an animated video that will play on their friend's Mi devices when calling them.

Visual IVR

To dramatically reduce the time required to navigate automated voice menus when you call a customer service hotline, this feature shows the voice menu on the screen, so you can tap your selection quickly.

Smart SMS filter

To make sure you see what's important in your SMS inbox, this feature intelligently filters service messages into a separate notification tab, resulting in a clutter-free inbox.

Quick OTP

Due to the rise of e-commerce and online banking transactions, the one-time passwords has become a way of life. To make the process of entering an OTP much easier, the built-in recognition feature copies the OTP code, at the very moment when the notification pops up.

Auto DND

MIUI 7 makes Mi Band even more useful to manage your calls and notifications. When the band detects that you are sleeping, it activates Do Not Disturb (DND) mode and silences your phone, making sure your sleep will not be interrupted by notifications. When you're awake again, it turns off DND and you're back to normal.

XXL text

Applying large fonts on smartphones can be a frustrating experience, because a lot of OEMs do not optimise their UI accordingly. MIUI 7 now offers a complete rework of the UI to make sure larger text is formatted to fit the screen perfectly.

MIUI data saver

Powered by Opera Max compression technology, this feature offers substantial data saving across all apps. By sending data such as images and videos to Opera's cloud, and compressing it before returning it to devices, this feature can provide up to 50% data savings on mobile data connections. It will soon be available worldwide.

Which feature did you like the most? Is there something else which you were expecting in this release? Do you have any feature recommendation for the Mi team? Tell us in the comments below, and we'll make sure to pass it on to the concerned team.
A few days ago, Canva announced its official launch in the Indian market. The online graphic design platform based in Sydney is looking to expand its presence in the country. It aims to make graphic design amazingly simple for everyone, allowing users to create professional quality designs. The service is already used in more than 179 countries. Believe it or not, more than 1 million designs are created on the platform, each week.

Canva is an online graphic design platform

The company aims to reach 1 million users in India by the end of next year. With over 2,000 users signing up in India every day, the company is seeing exponential growth in the local market, reinforcing its pursuit to become more deeply entrenched in local conversations around design simplicity and the role of the internet in propelling it. 
Keeping the same in mind, they now have templates for cards and social media posts to celebrate festivals such as Durga Pooja, Dussehra and Diwali.

The platform reached 5 million users in the world in just over two years after launching, and has 150,000 users already in India. It is their forth largest market, and users here have already created more than 1 million designs.

The company recently completed a $US15 million Series A funding round to expand its platform, a service now used by marketers, designers and businesses. The company is now valued at $165 million. The funding announcement follows the success of recent launch of their subscription offering for businesses. The subscription is priced at $9.95 per month.

They also have a free service, which offers most of the options needed by an individual. There is also an option to buy stock photos at the price of $1 a picture.

If you are a freelance or hobby photographer, you can also contribute to the stock images present on the platform, and make some money in the process. The current rate is 35%, which means each photo sold will get you $0.35, or a meagre 35 cents.

We are expecting a business plan subscription from the brand, and will do tutorial and other articles to help you use the product. Feel free to ask your questions, or request a specific article. Just so you know, the image that we have used above is made in Canva.
Recognizing the importance of public transport as an important means of travel in Delhi, Google today announced the launch of the Delhi Public Transport App, a unique app which makes it easier for Delhi residents to get around on public transport. The new experimental app will be built into Google Maps, and will help users get transit directions easily even when the connection is slow and data is difficult to access.

India is one of the biggest growth countries in terms of Google Maps usage and with this app, Google aims to better serve the needs of public transport riders in the New Delhi area, and make it an everyday choice for the public transport riders in Delhi.

The app makes the direction and time table information for Delhi Metro and buses available offline, to help users get information about directions between bus stops and metro routes even when they are not connected to the internet. A small amount of data is used for news alerts and optional user feedback.

According to the latest data, around 2.60 million people travel by Delhi Metro these days. This app will help Delhi citizens plan their travel better and save time to reach their destination.

The app is just around 1 MB in size, and will help the users with information on public transport. It is available for Android users from the Google Play store. The app will use the same transit data for DMRC metro, DTC buses, DIMTS (orange) buses, and Gurgaon Rapid Metro as that found on Google Maps.

The all new Babaji app with great gaming innovations is launched.

Babaji app

Babaji game is the story of a Samaritan, the wise Old Babaji, is known to heal, cure and champion the cause of divine dosage where Babaji's retention is the miracle pot which was handed over to him by his ancestors. The beauty of this pot was that any medicine brewed and stirred in this pot was known to have miracle cures, besotting the consumer with a healthy dose of power, energy, longevity and vitality.

This pot had caught eyes of a lot of greedy kings and merchants and had tried their bit to buy off the pot from Babaji. Being a humble and a benevolent person, he had decided to use this miracle pot for the needy and poor who couldn't afford treatment otherwise.

Babaji with his weapons

One day, overcome with greed and deceit, the group of kings and merchants schemed and decided to rob the pot off from Babaji and were successful in doing so. Now Babaji has only one mission, to overthrow the challenging attacks of these goons and claim the pot back! He is out on a mission, fighting some very thrifty challenges thrown his way. Never before seen weaponry, are spears and fire balls at loggerheads with Babaji brandishing every move he tries to make.

Babaji is an amusing and single touch high score game oozing with charm.

The game will have features like leader boards, achievements, and one touch control scheme. Babaji and you will be engulfed in challenges but it will be so worth it! Every level hurdle you successfully cross there are rewards and immunity bursts.

Pick up pace and put your skills to a champion cause right away! And while you read this, Babaji is already sharpening a spot for you.

Download the app from Google Play Store.
Comparison of iOS and Android has always been an area of interest among the technology evangelists. No matter the context of comparison, it is bound to make headlines. Even consumers of technology, viz. smartphone, laptop, tablet, and tabtop buyers are often confused which one to go for! In the infographic below, the market share of both these operating systems is depicted. It ranges from the number of sales, to the number of ad impressions served, to the total revenue generated over a period of time.

iOS vs. Android - Market share

Hope you liked it! Are you able to decide upon the platform of your next device? If not, don't blame me ;)
Smartphones have definitely made our life easy and intuitive, and to add to it, useful applications make it easier. One such app is ASKME, which is constructed to provide information of your city. Thus, if you have settled in a new city and want to know about the closest restaurants, clubs, pubs, hospitals, schools, businesses, and many other such places, just log into the app and get related information immediately. This makes travel simple and in addition, can help you find your destination easily. So, if you're away from your computer, or unable to Google your query, just access this application and get instant remedy.


Features of ASKME

Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. developed the app, and is available for Android and iOS users. With this app, you can look for nearest restaurants, retailers and listings together to get access to the upgraded classified for cars, occupations, real estate, and more. What is more, it enables you to understand about amazing deals that the local companies in your city offer, enabling you to seize the chance and make greatest use of it. You can also provide review and your feedback about the local companies as well as add them as your favorites. Furthermore, you can read reviews given by other customers, which can assist you in making a wise selection.

User interface

User interface of ASKME

One of the attractive component of any program is its user interface. People will appreciate using it, if they find it convenient. The app should be such that it enables the user to navigate through the menu by pressing the minimum number of buttons. The neatly ordered icons of this app will help you easily find whatever you are looking for. It displays information in a sophisticated format that offers enhanced readability.

Search Engine

Search engine in ASKME

Users can easily search for their needs through the search engine, together with great money-saving deals and advertisements. This does not need you to hop to the homepage. This saves time in loading and reloading the page.

Reduced bandwidth usage

As this program can be said to use a single program that performs the job of three incorporated programs, the ASKME app saves the bandwidth of your smartphone almost double as compared to other similar applications. Besides, this application proves to be compatible with most pocket-friendly and high-end smartphones. Additionally, the program runs easily if you are on 2G or 3G connectivity. You may also use this application when your smartphone is connected to the WiFi.

Above all, it helps you to know your city, or any other city you are moving to. In addition, the app also makes you aware about the grea deals offered by your favorite hangout areas to enjoy the weekend with your near and dear ones without creating a hole in your pocket.

Download link

Gionee Smartphones has announced the much awaited update for Gionee ELife E7 Mini, the Android KitKat 4.4.2. The software needs to be updated manually via flash tools, and will also be available directly at any of the Gionee service centers, free of cost.

Gionee ELife E7 Mini gets Android KitKat update

The new Android KitKat version will offer simpler, faster and more spontaneous ways to use the device, with a host of new features for seamless user facilities. The ELife E7 mini is set for a revamp in terms of its user interface, applications and layout. With the new user interface design, there will be enhanced features like an updated Amigo paper and game zone, 
wallpapers application, improved security and more.

Features as a result of the software update

1. All new desktop layout.

2. Updated Amigo Paper with a brand new user interface.

3. Removed the World Cricket Champion game, Texas Poker, Green Farmer and Wonder Zoo.

4. Added Du speed booster for faster operations.

5. The game zone is updated with a new user interface design which will allow better control of the gaming apps.

6. Updated GioneeXender for optimized performance which will allow high speed transfer of files. This will further improve the linking success rate.

7. Updated UC browser will make the device more responsive and will improve the page loading effects.

8. Added Touch Pal input method and camcard.

9. Updated NQ Mobile Security for better protection of your phone.

10. Updated Kingsoft WPS will be a great support for office worker and students as it will improve work and study related operations.

11. Updated map with only one entrance into the main menu.

Android KitKat

Earlier, the Gionee CTRL V5 and Gionee ELife S5.5 have already received the KitKat update and now, the Gionee ELife E7 Mini users can gear up to enjoy the all new KitKat version which comes in with a lot of promise for a better and enhanced experience.
Did you know that around 800 apps are downloaded per second around the world? Mobile apps development sector has established its place in today's world, and is growing with a really fast pace.

mobile apps

The total revenue generated in this sector is around $18 billion. To know more such facts and also about the current status of mobile app development, here is an infographic:

Economics of Mobile App Industry
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Starting from the very beginning, iOS never stopped surprising us with new features and bug-free solutions with every update. We're hoping things will be the same in case of this year's most awaited firmware update from Apple. Apple brought a massive change in its iOS 7 update, and changed the whole outlook of how we operate with iOS. It goes without saying that this year the spotlight is definitely not on the new version of iOS, it'll be on iPhone 6. Nevertheless, we're going to see beautiful and amazing changes within this period. With an updated version of iOS 7, Apple will bring massive changes to its wearable platform and how we interact with iOS devices.

iOS 8 - all you need to know

Release Date

Although Apple still hasn't made any word on its release, we're getting rumors that Apple will pull out the curtains on this year's World Wide Developers Conference. This event might be held within the 1st week of June, so we guess we're pretty close at the unveiling.

Less Visual Changes

Apple brought the biggest change in iOS 7, so be sure that Apple won't bring massive visual changes to it again. Rather than that, they're going to improve the stability and fix the bugs that caused problems for the users. According to leaks, they'll bring fitness application, mobile payment service and split screen multitasking feature. We'll discuss these topics along the way.


iOS 8 Healthbook

Apple is planning to include a fitness related built-in app called "Healthbook". There a
re a plenty of fitness related apps, with years of expertise and lots of features, already in the iOS market. So, you may ask why Healthbook? Well, Apple will be providing lots of important info related to our body like heart rate, respiratory rate, hydration, blood sugar levels, and lots of more parameters. We're hearing that Apple will unveil iWatch this year. So, the wearables will get a great chance to provide and monitor the changes that occur in our body, and keep it in an organized app named "Healthbook". 

Mobile Payments

fingerprint scanner

Apple is planning to develop a new method of mobile payment services which might involve the use of the fingerprint scanner. This will enable the users to have capabilities to buy songs, apps or other services by just pressing their thumb on the fingerprint sensor.

With these changes, Apple will also be updating their existing apps.


As one of the most popular and reliable voice-assistant, Siri will get updates as well, though we got no news as to what updates are coming to Siri. But, reliable sources have confirmed that the new Siri will have much improved integration with the 3rd party apps, as well as it will be providing more services to the user.


Apple's hard work with their Maps app is finally starting to fill its position. Apple will definitely provide a new version of Maps this year. They'll add the missing date, and fix the errors that occurred in their previous apps.

With these changes in mind, Apple will also provide changes in multitasking by bringing the split screen multitasking feature.

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