GoPro will not make any more drones

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Remember GoPro Karma - the only drone from the action camera giant? It was released in September 2016. However, after the reports of few units free-falling from the sky due to a power failure, it was recalled. The folding drone was re-released early last year after the bug fix.

GoPro will not make any more drones
GoPro will not make any more drones (Credit: JeShoots/Pexels)

Having gone through such a bumpy ride itself, the GoPro Karma is now being grounded permanently. The company has announced that it will exit the drone market after selling their remaining stockpile.


In a report released by the company, there are two main reasons behind this significant decision. Firstly, the fierce competition is something which GoPro is finding tough to handle. Secondly, the regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States are advocating for strict rules.

"Although Karma reached the #2 market position in its price band in 2017, the product faces margin challenges in an extremely competitive aerial market. Furthermore, a hostile regulatory environment in Europe and the United States will likely reduce the total addressable market in the years ahead. These factors make the aerial market untenable and GoPro will exit the market after selling its remaining Karma inventory".

How does it affect the existing customers?

If you are already an owner of the Karma or are willing to buy one in the stock-clearance sale, you should be good to go since GoPro will continue to provide service and support.

Source: GoPro


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