Toyota's Human Support Robot successfully completes its in-home trial

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Most of us know Toyota as a car manufacturer. What we may not know that they are also into robotics and automation. In 2005, the Japanese multinational announced a project called "Partner Robot." It was the beginning of the switch from industrial robots (which they were making since the 1970s) to household machines. Recently, they have reached a significant milestone in the project with a successful in-home trial of HSR (Human Support Robot) in a war veteran's home in North America. The bot helps people with disabilities carry out their day-to-day activities independently. It was first introduced in 2012.

Toyota Human Support Robot

A tablet interface is provided to interact with HSR. It can be commanded to open doors and fetch water bottles.

The in-home trial is done with Romulo Camargo aka Romy. He is a decorated US war veteran. He was posted in Afghanistan and is paralyzed from the neck down.

"When they opened the box, and I saw the robot, I figured we would unfold the next chapter in human support robots helping people with disabilities – like this research is going to change the world," says Romy.

HSR can be commanded to open doors and fetch water bottles

Watch the video below to see HSR in action:


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