Xploree Smart Keyboard app acts as you type

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As the competition among smartphone manufacturers is saturating at the hardware level, the focus is slowly shifting to apps. Many apps make user's eyes pop out. Some of them increase productivity, while a few others aim to simplify our daily needs. One such app is Xploree Smart Keyboard.

While we can talk at length about the overall features of the app the internet is flooded with; there are a few key features that make it a must-have keyboard app for our device.

While most such apps allow predict and swipe typing, Xploree goes a step ahead. The app allows one to shop while you type. It is a clear example of the mobile marketing mix. As one types in his message, it understands his immediate preferences and offers him related coupons or deals, thus making the overall shopping experience lovable. For instance, while messaging, if one types “Feeling hungry? Up for a pizza?”, the app will immediately scan its partner databases and show the best offers from pizza joints nearby. One can then click and visit a website to grab the coupon without breaking the messaging session.

Xploree Smart Keyboard app acts as you type

This experience is not limited only to hyperlocal market, however. Its language intelligence feature is capable of decoding anything that gets keyed-in and shows the most suitable offers, coupons, content or other related information.

Like many other keyboard apps, Xploree has not confined itself to the English language. According to their research, 75% of consumers in non-English speaking countries prefer to buy products in their mother tongue. Thus, the app offers 119 languages and allows mobile users to set their language preferences and the app’s engine enables them to shop in their preferred language. This creates a huge opportunity for brands to associate with such apps. Not only can users have productive and connected shopping experience, but brands could also leverage the untapped market and rope in prospective shoppers who have otherwise refrained from online shopping or opting online coupons due to the language barrier.

Taking a cue from "Work Smart, Not Hard," the team behind the app has developed it in such a way that it allows users to do much more than complimenting their messages with emoticons. Be it gifting a watch or going for a romantic dinner, Xploree helps the users to find the best place almost immediately.

Watch it in action:

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


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