Swipe Elite 2 camera review

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The world is changing very fast and so are smartphones. Camera has become a prominent feature of any smartphone these days. Some devices have replaced point-and-shoot cameras in terms of quality. Good quality lens has become a USP for any smartphone. In this post, we have reviewed the camera of Swipe Elite 2. Also read the first impressions we had of the device.

Swipe Elite 2 camera specifications

The smartphone comes with a 8 megapixel rear camera, and a 5 megapixel front-facing camera.

Swipe Elite 2 camera UI

The device comes with easy to handle camera interface. All major categories are present on the home screen. Live Mode, Motion Tracking Mode, Selfie Mode, Normal Mode and Panorama Mode options are present at the top of the screen. Flash, HDR and gesture settings are on the right side of the display. Bottom left corner is home for the Settings icon.

Close Up shots

While sitting in a restaurant, we tried clicking a bunch of toothpicks. Shape, color and pattern of the object is captured perfectly.

Low Light shots

In low-light environment, the camera module beautifully captured the glass of water. The surrounding reflection also came out good. The description and sharpness of the images is amazing.

Continuous Mode

By default, the Continuous mode supports up to 40 continuous photos, which can be changed to 99 snaps as well. It merges all these snaps into a single file. When opened in Gallery, the final image turned out to be in GIF format. But the same was not replicated when copied to the computer.

Live photo Mode

By default Live photo mode creates .3gp files. It can be opened by any video player. It creates a video for approximately 6 seconds. It can come handy while capturing funny videos.

Selfie Mode

Left: Beauty Mode disabled; Right: Beauty Mode enabled 
Selfie Mode enables the secondary camera. It supports Beauty mode, which smoothens the face and enhances face color by making it fairer.

HDR Mode

HDR mode is supported in normal mode photography. It enhances the overall color of the image by making it rich in appearance. Best part is that the enhanced version does not appear to be artificial.

Motion Tracking Mode

To enable Motion Tracking Mode, select the respective icon. To capture pictures, hold shutter button for few seconds and keep your mobile steady. It will capture 9 different photographs and merge it into a single image with GIF effect.

We didn't find much difference between Live mode, Motion Tracking Mode and Continuous Mode. Except for the fact that if you share motion tracked file using Bluetooth, one can choose between GIF or Video formats, while for Continuous and Live Mode one can share video files only.

Gesture Capture

The device comes with a gesture capture software. An image is clicked once the victory sign is detected.

Other useful settings

Additional settings that are available are Exposure, Scene Mode, White balance, anti-flicker, shutter delay, and anti-shake.

Video Mode

One can capture low, medium, high or fine quality videos as selected in the settings. Upto 10 seconds of time-lapse videography is also allowed.

Swipe Elite 2 camera verdict

The device comes with a decent camera, which is capable of capturing good quality photographs. Live Mode, Motion Tracking Mode and Continuous Mode appear to be three features with different names but (almost) same functionality. It would have been better if Continuous Mode supported different frames rather than merging all frames into a single file. Given the price of the device, the camera is a good deal.


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