[App] A role-playing game where you can act like a Samaritan

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The all new Babaji app with great gaming innovations is launched.

Babaji app

Babaji game is the story of a Samaritan, the wise Old Babaji, is known to heal, cure and champion the cause of divine dosage where Babaji's retention is the miracle pot which was handed over to him by his ancestors. The beauty of this pot was that any medicine brewed and stirred in this pot was known to have miracle cures, besotting the consumer with a healthy dose of power, energy, longevity and vitality.

This pot had caught eyes of a lot of greedy kings and merchants and had tried their bit to buy off the pot from Babaji. Being a humble and a benevolent person, he had decided to use this miracle pot for the needy and poor who couldn't afford treatment otherwise.

Babaji with his weapons

One day, overcome with greed and deceit, the group of kings and merchants schemed and decided to rob the pot off from Babaji and were successful in doing so. Now Babaji has only one mission, to overthrow the challenging attacks of these goons and claim the pot back! He is out on a mission, fighting some very thrifty challenges thrown his way. Never before seen weaponry, are spears and fire balls at loggerheads with Babaji brandishing every move he tries to make.

Babaji is an amusing and single touch high score game oozing with charm.

The game will have features like leader boards, achievements, and one touch control scheme. Babaji and you will be engulfed in challenges but it will be so worth it! Every level hurdle you successfully cross there are rewards and immunity bursts.

Pick up pace and put your skills to a champion cause right away! And while you read this, Babaji is already sharpening a spot for you.

Download the app from Google Play Store.


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