Oppo VOOC Flash Charge can charge 75% of your phone's battery in just 30 minutes

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Oppo has designed and crafted the unique, fast-charging technology, the VOOC Flash Charge. The Oppo VOOC flash charge is capable of charging 75% of the phone's battery in only 30 minutes. Coupled with useful accessories such as VOOC car charger and VOOC powerbank, this useful technology makes your smartphone ready and charged at all times of the day.

Oppo VOOC car charger

VOOC is an independently developed fast charging technology. Oppo has applied for 16 patents regarding its design and construction. While it takes a regular 1 A or 1.2 A battery charger on an average three hours to reach a 3,000 mAh full charge even in a best-case scenario, VOOC Flash Charge will boost the Oppo device's battery life to 75% in only 30 minutes. In addition to having increased the charging speed by four times, VOOC also boasts of an intelligent five-layer protection system. Presently, Oppo offers VOOC Flash Charge technology in Oppo Find 7, Oppo Find 7A and Oppo R5 handsets.

Oppo VOOC powerbank

As the proud, new-generation flagship of the R series, the strong ultra-thin Oppo R5 at just 4.85 mm is also equipped with VOOC Flash Charge.

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