A conventional smartphone that transforms into a wearable wristband

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Technology has touched our daily lives to such an extent that each one of us wants to own a smartphone as well as a wearable device. But our budgets are limited! What if I told you that you can buy both in the price of one? Or rather you can buy a device that can act as a smartphone, and can also be worn around the wrist if need be? Yes, you heard it right! 91mobiles.com, India's gadget research website for mobile phones and personal technology, has come up with the Google Nexus 360 concept phone, a creative visualization that offers a glimpse into the future of smartphones, imagining how these devices will evolve in the coming years. The idea is to showcase a concept that pushes the envelope when it comes to what is possible, but is still rooted in reality, and can become commercially viable in just 3-4 years down the lane.

Google Nexus 360 front and rear
Google Nexus 360 (Credit: 91 Mobiles)

Key issues at hand

  • With the flood of mobile computing devices, users now prefer carrying a single device that can take on multiple roles and adapt as per needs.
  • Wearable technology is evolving rapidly, but the approach is still very fragmented since most existing products can't be used standalone.
  • Device security and multiple notifications.

The approach behind Google Nexus 360

The idea then, was to come up with a concept of a single device that can tackle all the above issues in one shot. For this purpose, the team factored in user suggestions, studied various prototypes and innovative technologies (from the likes of Molex, Dai Nippon Printing, Solicore and LG), to come up with an ideal yet achievable concept. This design is an amalgamation of several successful smartphones and technologies that exist today, and takes their use to the next level.

Watch the following video to know more about this awesome concept.

Google Nexus 360 features

A phone that converts into a watch

Google Nexus 360 can convert into a watch
Google Nexus 360 can convert into a watch (Credit: 91 Mobiles)

Use it as a conventional phone, or wear it as a wristband; with the full range of features available in both modes.

Flexible yet scratch resistant materials are currently available in prototype phase from Dai-Nippon printing, and utilize flexible circuitry that has been around for years thanks to brands like Molex who specialize in creating flexible circuits for devices we use today.

Flexible polymer OLED display

Offers great usability and vibrant visuals. Earlier seen on the LG G-Flex smartphone; is being mass produced by LG Electronics for global consumption.

Embedded Bluetooth headset

Google Nexus 360 with embedded Bluetooth headset
Google Nexus 360 with embedded Bluetooth headset (Credit: 91 Mobiles)

Can be docked on the side of the device, and draws power from it for charging. Indian mobile device maker Micromax first came up with the idea of an embedded Bluetooth headset and offered it with the Van Gogh feature phone.

An integrated fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor

Take care of security, health monitoring and sleep tracking. Integrated sensors and apps capture related data.

A tube camera that's on your wrist

Google Nexus 360 camera
Google Nexus 360 camera (Credit: 91 Mobiles)

Makes shooting easy, and allows snapping pics from different angles. The same high-resolution camera doubles up as primary camera, along with shooting selfies.

Always-on e-ink display on the side

Google Nexus 360 headset and aux display
Google Nexus 360 headset and aux display (Credit: 91 Mobiles)

Makes sure users don't miss out on notifications; a feature adopted by Notion Ink for their Adam tablet.

Designed for all-weather use

IP67-certified for resistance to the elements.

Why Google?

The Google brand was chosen for this concept since the search titan has always been at the forefront of innovation, and has the flexibility to partner with a specific hardware manufacturer that can build according to its specification.


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