[Apple iOS 8] All you need to know

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Starting from the very beginning, iOS never stopped surprising us with new features and bug-free solutions with every update. We're hoping things will be the same in case of this year's most awaited firmware update from Apple. Apple brought a massive change in its iOS 7 update, and changed the whole outlook of how we operate with iOS. It goes without saying that this year the spotlight is definitely not on the new version of iOS, it'll be on iPhone 6. Nevertheless, we're going to see beautiful and amazing changes within this period. With an updated version of iOS 7, Apple will bring massive changes to its wearable platform and how we interact with iOS devices.

iOS 8 - all you need to know

Release Date

Although Apple still hasn't made any word on its release, we're getting rumors that Apple will pull out the curtains on this year's World Wide Developers Conference. This event might be held within the 1st week of June, so we guess we're pretty close at the unveiling.

Less Visual Changes

Apple brought the biggest change in iOS 7, so be sure that Apple won't bring massive visual changes to it again. Rather than that, they're going to improve the stability and fix the bugs that caused problems for the users. According to leaks, they'll bring fitness application, mobile payment service and split screen multitasking feature. We'll discuss these topics along the way.


iOS 8 Healthbook

Apple is planning to include a fitness related built-in app called "Healthbook". There a
re a plenty of fitness related apps, with years of expertise and lots of features, already in the iOS market. So, you may ask why Healthbook? Well, Apple will be providing lots of important info related to our body like heart rate, respiratory rate, hydration, blood sugar levels, and lots of more parameters. We're hearing that Apple will unveil iWatch this year. So, the wearables will get a great chance to provide and monitor the changes that occur in our body, and keep it in an organized app named "Healthbook". 

Mobile Payments

fingerprint scanner

Apple is planning to develop a new method of mobile payment services which might involve the use of the fingerprint scanner. This will enable the users to have capabilities to buy songs, apps or other services by just pressing their thumb on the fingerprint sensor.

With these changes, Apple will also be updating their existing apps.


As one of the most popular and reliable voice-assistant, Siri will get updates as well, though we got no news as to what updates are coming to Siri. But, reliable sources have confirmed that the new Siri will have much improved integration with the 3rd party apps, as well as it will be providing more services to the user.


Apple's hard work with their Maps app is finally starting to fill its position. Apple will definitely provide a new version of Maps this year. They'll add the missing date, and fix the errors that occurred in their previous apps.

With these changes in mind, Apple will also provide changes in multitasking by bringing the split screen multitasking feature.

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This is a guest post by Prakash Thakur, a young entrepreneur and a technology blogger, currently living in Kolkata, India. He is the founder and main author of iOS 8 Updates.


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