Ten apps that simplify everyday needs

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There is an app for almost every project, chore, and job imaginable; and that is what can make the app market such a confusing place. For those who are ready to use their smartphone to their advantage, here is a look at ten of the top choices for anyone who wants to simplify those daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in their life.

Apps that simplify everyday needs


Going through dozens or even hundreds of emails feels like a daily chore for many, but Mailbox simplifies the process. This is one of the most ergonomic email apps and utilizes simple touchscreen controls to file, save, delete, or simply return emails to the bottom of the pile to check them at a later date.


The days of scrounging for cash or hunting down a credit card to split the bill with friends are long gone. Connecting with only trusted friends, Venmo allows the user to quickly transfer a few dollars to a family or friend's bank account with just a few taps on the screen.


Keeping in touch across emails, text messages, video chats, and media files can turn into a bit of a chore, especially when international charges come into play. Whatsapp uses the smartphone's 3G, 4G, or Wifi connection to send almost any type of message, including file transfers, absolutely free.


Dealing with traffic or attempting to navigate a new city is no longer a chore with Waze. It is a community-based app that tracks traffic in real time according to other users, and the up-to-date GPS directions are just an appealing addition to this popular app.


Integrating a workout routine into a busy daily schedule seems practically impossible for many, but Hot5 has simplified the process for those that are ready to get into shape. With a database of thousands of exercise routines, users can narrow their search according to how much time they have, their level of fitness, or the style of workout they would like to do.


Paying bills may have finally transitioned into the digital age, but remembering what needs to be paid and when it needs to be paid is still a monthly headache. EvolveMoney allows the user to input their billing information just a single time, and will then offer reminders and allow online bill pay with a single tap on the screen.

Key Ring

Key Ring

Fumbling for membership and discount cards no longer needs to be an ongoing annoying day-after-day. Key Ring provides a secure digital location that saves membership cards for grocery stores, the gym, gas stations, and more.


RedLaser is all about saving money and putting the power back into the hands of the buyer. By scanning an item's bar-code, the smartphone will show all local and online stores carrying that product along with comparable prices.


Evernote is the one and only note taking app that anyone will ever need. Users can create checklists, scan pages, save notes, set reminders, create a customized calendar, and more.


BigOven is a clean and responsive app that helps people create delicious meals with a focus on simplicity. As an added bonus, the app will quickly create a grocery list after a meal has been selected.

In the present day and age, no one should ever be fumbling for their membership cards, or wondering if they forgot something at the store. These amazing mobile apps are some of the best options to simplify daily chores and keep one's life on track.

Which app(s) do you use on a regular basis?


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