[Infographic] What is Facebook EdgeRank and how to improve it?

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Facebook EdgeRank
If you are reading this, it is sure that you are a social media enthusiast. And if you really are a social media buff, you would be accessing Facebook more than any other site. Have you ever wondered how a story appears in your News Feed on your Facebook Wall? I mean, hundreds and thousands of people and brands post a story, but how does these stories rank and appear in a user's News Feed? The answer to your curiousness is Facebook EdgeRank. According to Wikipedia, it is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what articles should be displayed in a user's News Feed.

Why should you care?

This algorithm is written such that it hides boring stories. So, if your story doesn't score well, there are chances that no one will see it. If EdgeRank predicts a particular user will find your status update boring, then your status update will never even be shown to that particular user.

Not wasting more of your time, here we present an awesome image-based story, courtesy PostRocket, which clears all your doubts regarding EdgeRank.

Facebook EdgeRank infographics

What are your views regarding this algorithm? Do you think it is fair, or you are willing to suggest an improvement? Let us know via the comments below.

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