[Top 7] Android apps for Movie-lovers

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Here are seven apps you can try on your Android. Some of them are having a turbulent time, such as changing in price, going off the market and then back on again. Suffice it to say, if you cannot find the app right away, you should Google it to see where it is, and how you can install it without having to pay (at least without having to pay over the odds). Sometimes it is a case of visiting their websites to find the app, instead of looking in an app market.

VLC Direct Pro

It is annoying when you have a video file that just will not play. It is frustrating when it happens on a desktop computer, and is far more likely to happen with a mobile device. This app was created to remove that frustration, as it will play a wide range of video files. It also allows you to stream video on your mobile device. There is a remote function, which is good if you can figure out how to use it. The remote function allows you to play video files with VLC Direct Pro but have them appear elsewhere such as on a TV or Desktop PC monitor.

Today in Movie History

The name of the app is a bit deceptive. It does give a lot of historical information but is more a trivia app. You can learn all about a certain movie, from movie set myths such as the fake ones disseminated during the release of the Ring 2 (US version), to the arguments between production staff, directors and actors. A little like IMDb, you can see who played in the movie and then see their movie history, as well as their birthdays, deaths and other interesting facts.


You can use this app to quickly tell your friends and family what you are watching, via Twitter or Facebook. You can also add your thoughts about the movie you are watching and send it via your social media profile. It is a way of "Checking-in", which seems to be a big thing these days. By looking at various social media profiles, you can see where people have been all day, with whom, what they have eaten and now - what they are watching. Ironically, the same people who march on protests for more privacy and less big brother, are the same people who tag themselves on Facebook as being at their location at their protest rally?!?!

Movie Collection

This app is a DVD library in which you can hold your favorite movies from home. You can manage your collection, and you can add details to your collection. Add details by scanning the DVD box's bar code and it will add the DVD information to your movie library. It is simply a list app that will help you to keep track of what DVD's you own, as well as giving you access to information and reviews. It is handy if you often lend out your DVDs and forget that you have done so.


This app will allow you to watch all your Netflix movies and TV shows on your Android. The app was only supposed to run on just a few Android devices, but the XDA team have made it run on mostly all known Androids. You do need to have a NetFlix account in order to use the app, and you need to be in the USA to use it too. It allows you to fiddle with your Netflix queue from your app too, which means you are not stuck with the play list you created a few weeks ago.


This app is something you can run whilst you are at the cinema or watching a DVD with friends. Keep your phone on silent and check it for dull or "talky" bits of a movie. It tells you when a dull part is coming so you can run to the toilet and come back without missing an exciting bit. As a warning, if you watch the movie "Prometheus", you may need to take a spare battery! (except for 30 seconds with Charlize Theron in), suffice it to say, you can drink plenty before seeing that movie.

IMDb Movies & TV

The IMDb may not provide the best movie reviews, but they make a stonking app for watching movies and TV shows. Plus their website knows it is often wrong, so allows website users to compile their own favorite movies lists for you to look at. You can actually use their mobile site, but the app has far better functionality. You should download the app if you are a frequent mobile website visitor. You can buy Amazon movies with the app, and gain access to all the trivia and gossip that the website offers.

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