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Top games
Although there are thousands of games available in application stores, they fail to provide the required fun element which is worth the downloading time they usually require. If you are looking for some of the top iPod games, then you are at right place, because in this article, we are going to discuss some of the great iPod games that successfully made their cut.

Angry Birds Lite

If you are a real fan of angry birds, then you should have this game where you have to kill the pigs by aiming birds in sling-shots. These pigs are surrounded by wood, ice and rock; you have to break these barriers in order to reach at the pigs. There are 12 levels in this game, and with each level, the game becomes more interesting and funny.

Real Steel

If you have seen the Real Steel movie, then you will understand the game pretty quickly. You can play either in tournaments challenging roaster of robots with each level being accelerating, or you can chose to play sparring match against your favorite opponent. Object of the game and their levels is to unlock all the eight unique robots and defeat Midas.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

This is one of the best games of all times, available for $9.99, and for touch iPod only. If you are really missing your favorite game you are playing on your console or on your computer, then this game will provide you the similar adrenaline rush on your iPod. You will see everything from car chasing, explosions, great story, unnecessary violence and great graphics embedded in this game.

Spell Tower

If you are bored of playing all the usual racing and violence games, then you can take a break by downloading Spell Tower. Available for $6.99, this game provides unique combination of Zynga's scramble and Tetris' classic puzzle experience. Simple to play, easy to understand and available offline, this game is definitely one of the most addictive games for iPod.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

This is an Air Combat game based on WWII scenarios, where many real life locations have been created. You will have to have accurate precision over the controls because this game is fast enough to keep you intrigued. The visuals, special effects and audio mixes makes it one of the must have games for your iPod. With Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection you can play this game online with your friends in co-operative and competitive modes.

Real Boxing

When you are looking to play some aggressive game, then rarely any game matches the precision and graphics this game provides. With no holds barred, amazing graphics that will pop your eyes and V motions gesture control, it takes you to the proximity of real game. For more aggression you can play in career mode for 30 matches and three bet titles to conquer or play online with your friends.

Although there are thousands of games available for iPod in application stores as well as online, these are few top games for iPod that will really provide the required adrenaline rush you want to experience while playing games. Incorporated with excellent graphics, easy to use controls and interesting game modes with each higher level, you are sure to experience new thrill at every step. Please understand that some of these games are free while some are paid, but the fun they provide is worth every penny you spend.


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