[How-to] Increase your Instagram Followers

The first tip is probably the best and the worst tip. Like most articles, this article is going to suggest that you post your best photographic, artistic and graphic work on Instagram. It is a great advice because it is the fastest and most productive way of getting eye-watering amount of traffic. If you post your best work exclusively, only your ten out of ten works, you will gain a larger and bigger following. You will get more clicks and more people will talk about you on other social media. That is the good part. The bad part is the fact that when you put your best work on social media, you are giving away any opportunity to make any money from it.

Post your best works

It is true that some people are willing to put their best work online because it is an art, and art should be shared and not sold. But they are often the people living with their parents, in a studio apartment, or with a team of other poverty-stricken individuals. The motivation is fine, but in a capitalist society, it is not a wise one. 

Show the start of a series

If you are clever enough to have made a series of images that you are planning to sell, then you should consider showing a few on Instagram as a sample. You can then give the website address as to where to see the rest of them. This way you can gain a nice following on Instagram, and still earn a little money out of your works. At the very least, if you are going to put your best work on Instagram, you should watermark the images so that people have to buy them from you if they want to keep them.

Do not post them all at once

Most people will gather up a group of images that they wish to publish, and will post them all at one time. This is not a bad thing by any means, but you will gain more followers if you spread out the postings. You can post a few at the same time each week, or you can post one a day, and vary the posting times. You can post a few every month if you like - it is up to you. People will have little motivation to follow you if you only post all of your pictures once per year. You need to give people a reason to return to your profile next week or next month.

Use Tags

Its not rocket science

Just like with blogs and videos on YouTube, you should use tags. They give people an indication of what your images are all about. If you pick the correct image tags, you will attract the right kind of viewers. For example, if your pictures are of a young women in PVC, stretched across books of carpet samples - then you will not gain many followers with tags such as "puppies", "do" , "the", "funniest", "Purple". In short, tagging an image is not any rocket science, use your logic to get the most out of it.

Geo tags

They do the same thing as your regular tags, but they will show where the photo was taken. This is great for people who hunt out the images related to certain places. It is not just history buffs, or people who love their own town who will search for place names. Sometimes a person may meet someone from a place, and search Instagram for images related to that place. Others may be planning to move to that area, and others may be planning a trip to that area. The Geo tag need not show a landmark. You can put a Geo tag on anything if the image was taken in the place you specify. It does not need to be attached to an image of a Mosque; it can be attached to the image of a brutal mugging if you wish.

Follow others

Remember when your mother told you to be a leader and strike out on your own, and your father (if he stuck around) told you to merge into the background. They were both right. You need to make your own mark on Instagram if you wish to gain a sizable following, but there is nothing stopping you from looking up what others are doing and stealing a few of their ideas.

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  1. Thanks Sania For Sharing These Tips Will Like To Give Them Try :)

    1. Hey Osho, do let us know if these tips work for you. Keep reading and keep sharing :)