[Futuristic Appliances] Add an intelligent theme to your house

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Futuristic home apppliances
Appliances – without them, it would be almost impossible to do even the simplest of household tasks. Over the past few decades, they have become an essential part of any home, but have you ever wondered whether the next BEKO washing machine will come with more features and greater usability than what came before it? As is the case with most other gadgets and electronic items, kitchen appliances are becoming more advanced, and one of the latest innovations in the pipeline could be the next big thing as far as washing machines are concerned.

For those who want their home to seem all space-age and futuristic, you might want to have the Orbit – a washing machine prototype that cleans clothes without using water – in your home. An invention by designer Elie Ahovi, Orbit is a washing machine which, through a combination of dry ice and carbon dioxide, is meant to clean clothes just as effectively as a conventional washing machine, but without the need for any water whatsoever. This technology is something that many would like to see from their appliances in the future, but what about today's products?

An Indesit washing machine is pretty sophisticated – it's less wasteful in terms of water and electricity usage than the typical washers that came five years ago, has plenty of different wash cycles, programs for different fabrics, and works quickly too. Most modern fridge freezers, dishwashers and tumble dryers are also far more advanced than all that came before them even a few years ago, which proves that, in order to have a kitchen that looks futuristic, you could buy appliances that are available for sale today.

There's no certainty over what the future has in store for home appliances. If you feel that, to make your home life less complicated, you need to have the best possible appliances; it might be worth buying what’s out there now. They'll be more energy efficient, get the job done quickly and thoroughly, are built to last and will make even the hardest laundry job a breeze. They can also make your home look more intelligent, and if the Orbit manages to become available for sale soon, it will make your home look even more space-age.

Mark Kelly, from UK retailer Appliances Direct, is completely behind these technological improvements and said, "anything that an everyday appliance can do to make people's lives easier must be a good thing, and it shows how new technologies and innovations can help improve existing pieces of household technology or equipment".


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