[Top] Apps for android users

Apps for android users
Mobile phone technology has certainly made the world a small place to live in. With the advent of mobile technology, there has been a tremendous increase in the users of Smartphones. As the users are enhancing at a fast pace, so is the technology and applications. Moreover, there has also been a drastic change in the outlook of the people who used to look at mobile phones just as a device to communicate using phone calls. Today, Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. These are used for different purposes including internet, music player, camera, TV and other purposes as well.

Today, Smartphones are becoming rage with youngsters all over the world. Their outstanding features makes them popular with the people of all generations, especially youngsters and professionals. With several innovative applications coming with each passing day, it’s quite challenging to mention the best applications.

Some of the important applications of the android world are as follows:

Dropbox is one of the most important tools for storing files in different file formats. This offers cloud storage facility for all devices so that one can access files from anywhere or any device. Moreover, it has made storing as well as sharing photos extremely easy just at the click of a button. Dropbox is a free service which helps to save photos, documents as well as videos and have the option to save it wherever one wants.
Google Maps
Google Maps is certainly one of the significant applications available for Android users. This application helps the user find its destination easily and in very less time. It is an outstanding GPS navigation tool for Android users. With this application, one can find any place all over the world with ease.
AirDroid is another outstanding application which helps the user to transfer different files between PC and device using Wi-Fi. Using this application, one can easily update contacts, send messages and alter ringtones or any other thing from his/her computer.
Moborobo is one of the outstanding Android Smartphone Management Software which can be installed on Windows PC. Using this application, the management of the android becomes much easier. It helps to manage data by sorting, managing contact lists along with messages. It helps in importing as well as exporting contacts from PC to the device.

These Android applications are extremely useful in day-to-day lives as they keep people updated with the latest industry trends. Moreover, these android applications have gained widespread popularity over the years. Owing to these applications, android-based gadgets are widely demanded throughout the world. Android applications are enhancing at extremely fast pace with several innovative smartphones coming in the market. Owing to the stiff market competition, the smartphone rivals are offering innovative features. This is certainly raising bar for the new players in the market; this is, as well, a boon for the users, who are getting maximum functionality at affordable rates.

Do you know any other useful application? Do share them so that we can also take a look.


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