Best free Android games of October 2012

Every day, according to some statistics, somewhere around three hundred apps are released onto the Google play store. That adds up to thousands per week, which is great news for those of us who like to find a new gadget or toy to play with, but for those who must search through all those newly released titles just to locate the one you want, it can be a little bit more of pain. We have taken the pain of searching the best games for you.

Best Android games

Bad Piggies

This is Rovio's much-anticipated after-effect to Angry Birds. In Bad Piggies, the objective is to create modular cars that do not kill the pigs and clear each level. The accessories that need to be attached to the cars are crazy things like umbrellas, coca cola, and fans of different shapes and sizes. This game comes for free of cost and is supported by in-app advertisements. If you have not got the game, grab it soon. It is a must try for all smartphone users.

Strike fleet omega

In this game, you control the captain and his armada: the player must stop the invasion of alien villains eager for conquest. To do this, simply draw a path with your finger towards the enemies who attack your ships. In addition to the Battle Mode, Survival mode is also available, with over 40 levels and 12 customizable ships. Things get fascinating from the moment you get a second ship. It, thus, becomes a strategic conquest and should appeal to fans of all genre.

Classic Tetris

If you are a 90's kid and want to go back in time, this game is for you! Classic Tetris uses the first version of the famous game of brick and converts to Android. Even if you cannot find any sensations of yesteryears, Classic Tetris happens to be an excellent replacement of your old machine to ensure a good handful of additional minutes while you are waiting for your bus!

Pac Chomp

This is yet another classic gaming app. In Pac-Chomp, Namco Bandai takes its flagship character Pac-Man and decides to make a puzzle game like Bejeweled. Here it is not about speed or flight against the famous ghosts of the title, but aligning by color to form three or more in a row. During bonus stages, it is possible to move Pac-Man to eat objects near it or minimize grid ghosts and earn more quickly. Three modes are available - normal, hardcore and a scramble, in which it will accumulate the most points in a limited time.

Mega Jump

This is yet another clone of doodle jump. The aim of Mega Jump is simple, but not easy. The character you play is a small monster who jumps in the air, and it is then up to you to control and ensure it does not fall. To do this, you must collect coins and various bonuses that populate the ascent of your little monster. There are super cool upgrades which would surely keep you engaged.

There are no official numbers on how many of those apps released every week are games, but it is evident that the mobile gaming market has become the place to be seen by customers. Every company wants in on the action; even the big names like Sony and EA are getting involved. The success of recent titles such as Angry Birds has meant that all eyes are on the app store to watch the next big thing emerge from the pile and be crowned the top dog, or should that be the top bird? ;)


  1. bad piggies is really very amazing and interesting game. Thanks alot for this .. :)

    1. @dexter you are always welcome :)
      Yeah, after Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is really awesome.
      Keep reading and keep sharing :)