[Features] Logitech G710+ Gaming keyboard

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Logitech G710+ keyboard front
It is a war out there when it comes for the top spot in the market of gaming accessories and there is no point in denying the fact that the gaming keyboard industry seems to be the most bloody at this point of time. The dust shows no signs of settling in the near future with Logitech announcing that it will raise the stakes by launching its all new G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard. The keyboard will be released on 29th October. In case you have been saving onto some serious amounts of money over the last few years to get your hands on one of these babies, this is the best of times for the same. Here is everything that you must know about the awesome G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard.

Backlit Keyboard

Well this is one feature that goes without needing any mention owing to the fact that it has become a default feature of high-priced, top of the range gaming accessories, but the backlit G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard is one of its kind, owing to the fact that it is a pleasure to the eyes in terms of aesthetics, and comfort at the same time. It has the perfect brightness and contrast which will ensure that you don’t forget about its presence on the gaming keyboard. At the same time, it is subtle enough to not mess with your gaming concentration.

Muffled Keyboards

How many times have you spoilt the sleep of your roommate or your parents owing to the enthusiastic loud punches that you make on your keyboard while an intense round of gaming? Must be uncountable, right? Well, with the G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard you can bid goodbye to all the swearing that you used to hear for this problem. The keys of this keyboard have been specially designed and cushioned to ensure that they don’t make any noise, at the same time ensuring that the feedback of pressing a key is not jeopardized. 

Customizable Cursors Keys
Logitech G710+ keyboard programmable G keys

Ask any gamer regarding what is that one set of keys he uses the most and wants to customize its position according to his own preference, and the most likely answer is going to be the cursor or the arrow keys of the keyboard. This is owing to the fact that these keys are the most sued ones as most movements in most games are controlled by this set of keys. The G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard answers all your prayers regarding customizing the position of these keys and makes the same possible with this offering.

Logitech G710+ keyboard rear

You might think that the Logitech G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard has been exorbitantly priced but taking into consideration all the features that it has to offer, it is a steal at this price!

Are you a gaming freak? Will you spend your money on this accessory?


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