[iPhone 5] 5 rumors that never became a reality

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iPhone 5 - the rumors
As of today, we are still in the hype of Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 5 at a media event at San Francisco held this Wednesday, September 12. A lot of people have been looking forward to this historic event in the history of Apple and certainly, there are different reactions from a wide array of people. With the prevalence of rumors that people can easily search online with the prevalence of high speed internet, a lot of people were no longer astonished to see even the new features, though they were certainly glad that the amazing features that they heard beforehand were true all along. On the other hand, there were rumors that did not happen at all, which may have caused others to be a bit disappointed. However, some people managed to just shrug it off. Here are some rumors that just did not happen to iPhone 5.

·   1. The next iPhone will be labelled as the ‘new iPhone’

iPhone 5 launch event invitation
     This rumor is probably brought by the latest iPad which is dubbed as the ‘new iPad’. However, Apple simply agreed to the same naming system for its iPhone line of products. And it did not take the actual iPhone 5 launch event to confirm this. When the minimalist invitations went out designed with a bold ‘12’, signifying the launch date (September 12) but with a shadow of the number ‘5’ beneath, people were quick to assume that the upcoming iOS smartphone will be labelled as iPhone 5.

    2. The iPhone 5 will have the near field communications technology or NFC

    iPhone 5’s fiercest competitors already have this, such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Let’s just suppose that Apple did not include this technology in iPhone 5 yet, for some valid reasons.

·   3. The iPhone 5 will be powered by the A5X chip

     This rumor is indeed something that people were happy that it did not turn out to be true. While the new iPad is powered with this type of chipset, Apple put in a way much better one with an A6 chip which runs twice as fast as the A5 that is currently in the iPhone 4S.

·   4. Fingerprint scanning Home button

     This rumor may have come from spy agent aspirants, but there are a couple of people who thought that it would be cool to have this feature for the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't think the same way.

·   5. A new uni-body construction

     There were also strong rumors that the iPhone 5 will have uni-body construction where the back part will have the same material as the side, and will be molded together, giving a uni-body feel. However, consumers shouldn't feel bad if this didn't materialize, since the aluminium and glass casing with it is still amazing when seen-up close and felt in one’s hand.

Final Words

Although some of these rumors could have improved the iPhone 5 if they had materialized, there are reasons why iPhone 5 is still the best smartphone today. Among these is the fact that iPhone 5 included a lot of amazing new features that are necessary to make it the best smartphone, thus, leaving out these features that were only brought about by mere rumors.

Are you aware of any other rumor regarding iPhone 5 which didn't see the light of the day? Share it with us in the comments below.


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