[Software] Protect your computer from viruses: Bitdefender 2013

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Bitdefender 2013
There are many antivirus and internet security programs on the internet for sale. Our intention is not to say this one is best, or this one is worst. But from our past experience, we can say that very few antivirus programs actually save you from the internet virus, malware, trojans, etc. There are many hackers and bad-minded programmers in the world who are busy day-to-day to make different types of thread and harmful programs. You can protect your computer from viruses and other computer attacks by using an affordable and best protection program: Bitdefender antivirus.

From the history of Bitdefender Internet security and Antivirus program, we can definitely say that it is providing the best and optimum solution to the computer and internet users.

Features of Bitdefender 2013:

Internet securityAutopilot1. Antivirus:

Bitdefender Total Security has best and powerful antivirus program that is enough to protect your computer from day-to-day and updated viruses easily. With the help of the update feature, you can easily update the database of the program, and in that case it can identify and kill more number of viruses.

2. Internet security:

This program module provides secure internet browsing. Whenever you will try to open any website which has malware or virus infected script, or anything that may be able to harm your computer, then in that case you will get a message and that website will get blocked. So that you won’t be able to open it, and no issues of post infections as well.

3. Firewall:

Firewall protects you from hacking attempts and avoids the online attacks from hackers. No chance of getting hacked as it has dual protection firewall. This is a powerful anti-malware software that has the ability to stop and clean all types of threads.

4. Autopilot security:

Autopilot is something that takes decisions automatically, without asking each and every small thing from the user. Hence, it is very important for basic users who don’t know much about computers, and often get confused after seeing the dangerous virus warnings.

5. Parental control:

This function allows the users to set a master password to the application, and without that password the restricted activities cannot be unlocked. Suppose you set the parental control and block the access to Facebook, then your child cannot access it in any manner, whatever he/she may try. This can be applied to some bad/porn websites that you think are harmful for your child.

6. USB equalizer:

Almost all computer viruses transfer from one PC to another with the help of pendrives/flash drives. So it is very important for all users to scan the pendrive immediately after attaching it to the computer. But from my own experience, most of the times we forget to scan it, and open it directly to copy the data it contains. This is the worst case, as virus can immediately infect your computer. Bitdefender’s USB equalizer automatically scans the USB devices for attacking scripts and viruses. This ensures that no infections are entered from USB devices.

Support and price:

Bitdefender is available for a very cheap price. You can buy it from the official website, or from the local computer software stores too. You will get 24x7 online support, i.e., technical, sales and general query support.


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