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Techinline Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop is one of the latest technology advancement in today’s modern world where you can access any computers remotely. It allows you to control the other desktop kept at other location from where you can access files and other applications which are very important to you.

Among the varieties of remote desktop software available in the market we recommend you to use techinline remote desktop tool powered by techinline remote desktop technology enables you to have instant and a secure connection between the two.

You do not need to install any software in your clients computers as its works in Browser only hence is also named as Browser based remote desktop software.

The Security standard is also very high and your data are completely secure i.e. it maintains 128-bit SSL Encryption that everybody knows is a highest security as techinline does not compromise in privacy.

There are many benefits in using techinline free remote desktop software which only this browser based software provide as compared to others. It is browser based software where you can use internet explorer or other browsers to connect to the other computer kept at different location.

Here are some unique specs of techinline remote desktop software:

  • You can start your connection process in just 3 simple quick and easy steps.
  • Send and receive unlimited instant messages with advanced and amazing chat features.
  • Full Customer support to the techinline users, if they face any kind of problem while using the software.
  • Quick solutions to the problems by the 24x7 experienced and trained personnel, eagerly waiting to fix your issues.
  • Easy adjust resolution ways so as to have a clear view to the problems.
No physical appearance is required at clients end as you can solve your client’s problem sitting at your home or office only by using this browser based remote desktop software.

Saves your money as you do not have to go to client’s office to fix your issues... You can easily solve them quickly and instantly.

Connect with the remote desktop in no time with secure and reliable connection by techinline remote desktop technology without any disturbance or interruption in between.

For more info, visit www.Techinline.com


  1. This tool is very helpful for freelancers and computer consulting services. I'm providing IT help to my costumers remotely. I would definitely recommend Techinline remote desktop tools. It's a nice alternative which is much cheaper and has professional functions.
    Hope you find it helpful!

    1. @camilla Thanks for your professional recommendation. Keep visiting :)