[Gadget Comparison] Sony vs HP Tablet PC. Which one to choose?

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Sony vs HP
If you are considering buying a new Tablet PC and struggling to decide between Sony and HP, then you need to keep reading this post. You will find a Sony Vs HP tablet PC comparison here.

Sony vs. HP Tablet PCs

When it comes to buying Tablet PCs, there are a large number of vendors to choose from. The competition for your money is certainly fierce. In this post, I’m going to narrow down the decision to Sony and HP and figure out the differences. Read on and you will get to know who wins the differences battle between Sony and HP Tablet PCs.

Tablet PCs are available in all sized and shapes these days. The key aspect in deciding whether you should opt for a HP or a Sony product is going to cut it as per your needs and requirements. Are you considering opting for the smallest tablet? Do you want to opt for a powerful processor which is useful in supporting the modern cutting edge games? Or is it that you are more interested in your device’s functionality, style and more importantly, its efficiency?

1. Style 

It is a general perception that Sony has been producing some of the best looking gadgets in the market. When it comes to build and style, Sony tablets are way ahead of what HP is manufacturing. Both these manufacturers are offering a wide range of products in lots of different shades and they cater for several aesthetic tastes. However, when it comes to style, Sony is the winner here. If you look at the Sony Tablets such as Tablet S and Tablet P, you will notice that these gadgets have a beautiful finish, and are powerful devices. Sony tablets are undoubtedly great and they normally encompass appealing designs that you will never find with HP tablet products.

2. Price

Budget normally happens to be the major deciding factor while you are considering opting for such gadgets. It turns out to be a stumbling block for the Sony products. As a matter of fact, stylish and beautiful designs are certainly going to cost more, and as a result, you have to pay more for Sony tablets. Comparing both HP and Sony Tablets in the same budget range, you will notice that HP devices will include more enhanced features for a comparable range. If you only want to opt for the most robust tablet PC, and you are getting it for the lowest amount then HP certainly is the right option for you.

3. Portability 

You can opt for various HP and Sony devices that are extremely small in size. However, when you are comparing the ranges of Tablets, you will see the difference on your own. You will find highly desirable products which are exceedingly portable. But, you will find robust HP tablets in a lot cheaper range as compared to what Sony offers. Sony wins in this category but you are required to pay a fortune too!


HP has been able to build a strong repute in the entire business industry and their devices are reasonably priced and dependable. Sony, on the other hand, happens to be an extremely renowned brand when it comes to general consumption items and they have a stronger focus on the aspect of entertainment. Consequently, it is not a surprise that Sony has been selling more gadgets as compared to what HP does.

Eventually, both Sony and HP are superior brands and they have deservedly built positive standings. The decision for a consumer normally gets down to the aspect of price in the end. If you find yourself on a budget, then an HP device is the best option for you. However, if you are considering splashing out then you are not going to find a better brand other than Sony.

Which brand do you prefer? Give your choice in the comments below.


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